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Air conditioning and industrial extraction

Air conditioning and industrial extraction

We provide services in:

■ Spinning mill ■ Flat and knit weaving ■ Dyeing and finishing ■ Tailoring

Asiscattex has a trading partner, the company I.P.S.A.A. (project engineering and air conditioning services). 

I.P.S.A.A. is a company located in Puebla, Mexico which is owned by the Engineer José Alfonso Manuel Rojas Romero, has over 25 years of experience in aero-textile industry, certified as a specialist technician on industrial air filtration and authorized by NAFA (National Air Filtration Association, Virginia Beach, USA). Its managers, technical staff and collaborators have experience and training formed based in technical bases and practical experience in the field.

The services and equipment we offer in terms of air conditioning, filtration and textile waste management are:

Premium efficiency ventilation

We offer the most efficient industrial ventilation alternative, integrating to facilities with any manufacturer, the Multi-Wing America axial fans.
The fans are of aluminum fabrication, titanium alloy and high-density polypropylene blades, directly coupled by an expansive conical coupling made tropicalized-steel to achieve greater safety and facilitate assembly and disassembly. This material is more resistant to mechanical work than fans made of common cast aluminum. Our fans are so versatile that they can be installed in engines from 5 to 50 hp of power. We also offer studies and technical analysis to determine the optimal operating conditions.

Our equipment offers a 20-25% decrease in power consumption in motors at 1200 RPM; 30-40% in engines at 1750 RPM; 35-55% replacing propellers and engines at 1200 RPM with engines at 1750 RPM, which means less power than the original engines.

Supervision, operation and graph systems

We offer supply, integration and support from the Brazilian company Sitrad Full Gauge Controls. We have controllers for all types of air conditioning requirements and needs for different industrial processes, integrating them to all types of systems from any manufacturer brand. Our systems consist in controlled elements and displays, installed in electrical cabinets in the production room, which can communicate remotely with a computer to offer graphs and reports in real time, showing the air conditioning conditions, you can also control the conditions you want in your areas because the air conditioning system will respond accurately and effectively.

In addition to being interactive and user-friendly, the Sitrad monitoring system has a low acquisition cost, compared to any graphic system with the same characteristics.

Central air conditioning systems

We are manufacturers of central air conditioning systems, of all sizes and capacities, from small systems to plenum systems for larger capacities, manufactured under calculation and our own design, always backed by solidity, technical and engineering bases. It should be noted that we are consultants and calculators of a large number of companies similar to ours, thus providing you with the peace of mind of acquiring efficient systems tailored to your needs.

The products we offer range from opening, fabric preparation and finishing of all types of fabrics and fibers.

Spraying and sprinkling: Water humidification

Using small and directly coupled pumps, with starters, ATP and high efficiency spreaders, we have achieved the control of relative humidity and a more precise temperature by starting and stopping pumps, which also avoids electrical energy costs. We offer an operating cost by replacing oversized and low revolution pumps. The type of sprinkler that we use guarantees the lowest maintenance and the lowest power necessary to achieve a total water spray air damper either using pneumatic or electronic control, we offer gates with high response capacity, durability and a lower cost. We replace damaged or inoperable gates.
We use your actuators or integrate new electronic actuators to achieve greater accuracy in optimal conditions.

Textile waste filtration, handling and separation

We offer our own line of systems: filtration, air, environment, technological air, exhaust air spinning, waste management of textile opening and preparation machinery, waste separation and cleaning, dust and earth decantation, transport and waste delivery through centrifugal impellers.

We manufacture to measure under solid technical bases, among many other equipment we offer:

  • Automatic cleaning rotary filters, manufactured in diameters from 1000 to 3000 mm in lengths from 1000 to 6000 mm.
  • Dust and fiber collectors for any volume and pressure capacity
  • Manufacture and / or supply of centrifugal fans of all capacities for air transport or textile materials. We offer blade impellers curved backwards, Acoustafoil, Helicoidal, Helicoradial, squirrel-caged motors, straight backward blades, fully open impeller, among others.
  • Inertial and flat pre-separators, with or without metal enclosure, for fiber capture and handling of technological production air volumes
  • Durable and efficient fiber compactors and condensers for waste and dust
  • Husk and dust decanters.
  • Cyclones for husks and powders.

Ductwork systems

We offer the calculation, design and installation of all types of ductwork system, whether circular for transport of materials or squares for air conduction, we offer economic pipelines, as well as pipelines with high specifications of air tightness and sanitation, for pharmaceutical industries to lead through all types of air, gases, processes and materials.


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